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Markets Served

TrustComm supports a broad range of satellite communication applications, whether you have a need on land, across the sea, or in the air. From business continuity, fleet tracking, logistics and tactical field deployment to emergency response and temporary or surge usage, from L-band to Ka-band and everything in between, TrustComm has you covered.


Sea Solutions

If you operate a fleet of tankers, cargo vessels and container ships, run cruise ships or charter yachts, or conduct military operations on the high seas, you face significant communication challenges.

TrustComm’s maritime satellite communication solutions enable ships to operate most efficiently and keep crews entertained and in touch with home with dependable, seamless voice and broadband data coverage across the world’s oceans.

Sea Solutions from TrustComm


Land Solutions

Leading commercial and government organizations require secure, flexible and reliable communications solutions to connect people regardless of environment, infrastructure or location.

Whether you need a reliable, secure mobile satellite service; tactical, flexible Beyond Line of Sight communications; a rapidly deployed emergency operations network; or a turn-key temporary, bundled solution in a remote area, TrustComm has the right solution to fit your land-based communication needs.

Land Solutions from TrustComm


Air Solutions

Passengers want to connect wherever and whenever they fly. Pilots need communications solutions to help them do their jobs safely, efficiently and most cost effectively.

TrustComm provides connectivity for the entire aircraft, from weather and flight-plan updates and safety communications in the cockpit to email, internet access, VoIP telephones, SMS messaging and live TV in the cabin. Whether you require global IP data services at up to 432Kbps or high-speed broadband services delivering up to 50Mbps, TrustComm can develop the ideal solution to fit your requirement.

Air Solutions from TrustComm