Products - TrustComm Inc.


TrustComm leverages its vast industry relationships and technical knowledge to develop a range of satellite communication application solutions to solve our customers’ diverse communication challenges.

Our wide range of integrated solutions are designed to meet the specific connectivity requirements of commercial and government users. We offer distinct satellite communications offerings to meet critical requirements of corporations, first responders and military commanders.

  • Starlight

    – The only US run & managed Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) via the Thuraya network

  • L-TAC

    – Enabling Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications for military
 & coalition Forces’tactical radios

  • SEON

    – A voice solution for first responders when terrestrial infrastructures are damaged, destroyed or overloaded

  • AFNet

    – A bundled Internet and private
 MPLS solution serving the continent of Africa

  • O3b Network Services

    – An ultra low latency, fiber speed satellite network delivering connectivity faster, more reliably and affordably to underserved areas around the globe.