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Dedicated Network Solution for First Responders

TrustComm’s SEON, the Satellite Emergency Operations Network, provides emergency response communications to first responders and organizations whose terrestrial infrastructure has been damaged, destroyed or overloaded.

A turn key occasional usage network, SEON offers both fixed and mobile satellite services, delivering a comprehensive, private and dedicated network. It enables communications over very wide areas and allows for interconnection among widely distributed networks.



  • Flexible
    • No Long-Term Contracts
    • Leasing Options
  • Cost effective
  • Simple, easy, and reliable
    • On-site support as required
    • Redeploy when done
  • Fixed Satellite Services
    • Ku-Band Services
    • iDirect Platform
    • U.S. Coverage
    • Occasional Usage (OU)
    • On-Demands Services
    • Flexible Data & VoIP Plans
  • Mobile Satellite Services
    • Via Inmarsat’s satellite network
    • MPLS Services
    • COTM
    • Small-Portable Devices
    • Responder Airtime Plans
    • U.S. Dialing Numbers