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Delivering Secure Mobile Communications & Data Assurance for Less



  • Stay connected on land or sea
  • US run & managed Mobile Satellite Service (MSS)
  • Improved security & convenience
  • Manage, track your accounts from anywhere
  • Work more efficiently in the most remote of locations
  • Significant cost savings compared to other MSS solutions
  • Flexible service plans means no wasted minutes or expense
  • Enhanced OPSEC & IA capabilities
  • Authentication, termination on US soil
  • US-produced SIM cards
  • US or UK phone numbers
  • US IP addresses
  • Global MPLS Network
  • Extensive customer management capabilities
  • Ordering, provisioning, customer support, billing, CDRs managed in the US by a US company

Communications solutions for remote locationsOrganizations operating in remote locations on land or sea face serious communication challenges. Workers on an off-shore oil platform need to communicate with their corporate headquarters or family and friends on land. NGO volunteers in desolate areas of Africa or Asia need to reliably connect to the home base. Government agencies and the military operating in unstable environments with little infrastructure require secure, controlled Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) communications.


Reliable Voice & Data Access in the Most Remote of Locations

Communications solutions for remote locationsThe Starlight Network, a unique Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) solution from TrustComm, meets the satellite communications voice and data needs of organizations like yours throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Starlight is the first end-to-end managed MSS leveraging Thuraya’s satellite constellation that is directly controlled, managed and delivered in the United States by a US company. It offers the added security of a US demarcation point for all voice and data traffic, and is available with flexible and highly competitive pricing packages that allow you to do much more for much less.

Fast, Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Needs

With hardware options ranging from the handheld Thuraya SatSleeve that turns your smart phone into a satellite phone, to small and discreet mobile, vehicular or maritime terminals, accessing and benefiting from the Starlight network is quick and easy.

With land-based or sea-based terminal options providing 444kbps on standard IP and 384kbps on streaming IP, or handheld devices delivering voice and data access in over 160 countries covering 2/3 of the planet, Starlight has the right land and sea system to cover your specific needs.

IBIS – Powerful, Easy-to-Use Account Management

IBIS, TrustComm’s Integrated Billing Information System, provides customers with the ease and convenience of managing their accounts from anywhere via the internet.

With IBIS, Starlight Network customers can:

  • Access detailed account information, status, usage & costs
  • Review all call traffic with customized traffic reporting
  • Track all active & inactive SIM cards
  • Stay on top on invoices and payments
  • Request and track customer & billing support

Satellite Terminal Solutions for the Starlight Network

Satellite Phones

Mobile Terminals

Vehicular Terminals

Maritime Terminals

Satellite phones for personal communications Mobile Terminals for portable communications Vehicular Terminals for on-the-move communications Maritime Terminals for offshore communications
for personal communications for portable communications for on-the-move communications for offshore communications


Starlight’s Coverage Area from Thuraya

Starlight’s Coverage Map Area from Thuraya

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