Small Business - TrustComm Inc.

Small Business

TrustComm is categorized as a Small Business, but we possess large-business capabilities and resources.

Our extensive past-performance contracts illustrate our proven reliability, sustainment, responsiveness and optimization. Each contract receives paramount services, supported by a highly experienced engineering team.

We are dedicated to setting industry standards, developing secure networks and providing unparalleled customer service – all while meeting small-business, set-aside requirements.

Our small-business classification and solid value proposition are highly valued by large integration companies and manufacturers looking to partner with small businesses in the COMSATCOM services segment. This helps the large contractors diversify beyond equipment provision and integration, and win contracts that feature recurring revenue.

We are classified to perform under the following NAICS codes: 334220; 423690; 517110; 517210; 517410; 517911; 518210; 541511; 541512; 541513; 541519; 541611; 541618; 541990; 561210; 811212.