How to Report

Summary of TrustComm’s Policy

TrustComm is dedicated to upholding the highest legal and ethical standards with regard to the way we conduct business. We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethics in our relationships with employees, commercial and government customers and our suppliers.

TrustComm depends on its employees to report violations, or suspected or potential violations of TrustComm’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (the “Code”) so that we can take appropriate action and remedy the situation.

Following are several different options for reporting, depending on the issue:

  • Your supervisor
  • A higher level of management
  • TrustComm’s Ethics Compliance Officer
  • The Human Resources Department
  • The Legal Department
  • TrustComm’s Ethics Help Line
The TrustComm Ethics Help Line

The Ethics Help Line is a confidential resource available to employees to discuss any ethics or compliance question or concern, to seek clarification or guidance about TrustComm’s standards of conduct, or to report potential wrongdoing or inappropriate conduct in the company.

If you believe you have been subjected to retaliation, you should immediately contact the Ethics Help Line or Human Resources.

What to Expect When You Contact the Ethics Help Line
  • You will be treated with respect
  • Your concern will be treated seriously
  • You will not be required to identify yourself
  • Your report will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law and TrustComm’s need to fully investigate the matter. If TrustComm discovers criminal or otherwise improper activity, the company may be required to report such activity to appropriate government enforcement authorities.
  • Only those with a need to know will be involved in or know of the investigation.
  • Threats or acts of retaliation against you for reporting of unethical or illegal conduct will not be tolerated.
The Ethics Help Line may be contacted in either of the following ways:

By completing the contact information and submitting via email. All fields, except the Feedback/Report field, are optional, however, you must provide name, telephone number or email address at the minimum if you wish to receive a response and follow up.

By telephone to: 281-272-7599